Program Of Studies

Students receive instruction in the following disciplines, with courses taught by our artist instructors, working professional artists who share their areas of expertise:

  • Dance - Starting with basic exploratory movement and progressing to a ballet and modern based study, students learn the basics of a structured dance program.
  • Creative Writing - Moving beyond basic reading and writing, students explore their own personal voices as writers of poetry, prose and song.
  • Instrumental Music - Learning the basics of musicianship and music theory, students develop skills on a wide variety of band and string instruments, as well as world percussion, beginning piano and guitar.


  • Vocal Music - Learning proper vocal technique, students start with group and choral singing and move to small ensemble and solo singing.  There is an emphasis on learning basic theory, ear training and harmony.
  • Theater - Exploring elements of creative dramatics, improvisation and textual analysis work, students are immersed in a theater ensemble in their classroom.
  • Digital Media - A hands-on primer in the world of new media, students learn animation, digital art, audio & video production and editing, digital photography and basic graphic design and Computer Aided Drafting skills.
  • Visual Art - Exploring a wide variety of mediums and techniques, students will create 2-D and 3-D work in representational and creative styles.


All students also have the option to participate in a variety of specialty classes within these disciplines, which change and rotate throughout the year.  Some examples from past semesters include:


  • Digital Sculpture - Using computer aided drafting programs and a 3 dimensional printer, students will design and produce a wide variety of useful  creative objects.  This class is truly where art and science meet.
  • Giant Puppet Workshop - Students first design and build small individual puppets and then learn to manipulate them and bring them to life through performance.  Students then collaborate to make giant puppets which require multiple actors to manipulate.
  • Songwriting - Working under the guidance of a professional musician, students learn the basic forms and structures for creating songs and then use their creativity to write, sing and even accompany themselves on guitar or piano.
  • Composition: Make Your Own Dance - Students learn the proper way to structure a dance piece and experience new ways of exploring combinations and repertoire in their own creations.

Visiting Artists in Residence
- Every single day, our students work with local professional artists and companies to develop projects and performances. There is ALWAYS a visiting professional artist or arts company in residence at our school.