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Ana Grace Academy of the Arts
129 Griffin Road North
Bloomfield, CT 06002
(860) 724-0685
(860) 240-6502 (fax)


Bo Ryan
[email protected]
(860) 724-0685
You may either contact us at our main number or select from the list of faculty and staff members.
Last First Classes Email Extension
Administrative Offices
Ryan Bo Principal [email protected] 3169
Hines Brendan Assistant Principal [email protected] 3578
Nowicki Mike Director of Arts [email protected] 5401
Hansley Sade Office Assistant [email protected] 3189
Maldonado Jean Guidance Secretary [email protected] 3166
Joiner Michelle Office Administrator [email protected] 3559
Health Office  
Lindsey Jayme Nurse [email protected] 3574
    Medical Assistant   3598
Grade 6 Academics  
Delorm Sarah ELA [email protected] 3587
Giuliano Jessica ELA [email protected] 3586
Nowakowski Tracie Social Studies [email protected] 3585
Scapellati Anastazia Science [email protected] 3584
Willis Jared Math [email protected] 3589
Videtto Kristin Math [email protected] 3588
Grade 7 Academics  
Barnes Cindy Math [email protected] 3592
    ELA   3590
Giuliano Jayme Social Studies [email protected] 3594
Serrano Grace Science [email protected] 5406
Marquez Sarah ELA [email protected] 3591
    Math   3593
Grade 8 Academics  
Bonadies Julia ELA [email protected] 5412
Watkins Jeremy Social Studies [email protected] 5413
Jarvie Don Math [email protected] 5409
Robbins Michael Math [email protected] 5414
Ruiz Jamie ELA [email protected] 5410
 Wade  Deonta  Math [email protected]  5415
Arts Department  
DePalma Bob Music [email protected] 5421
Friedman Dylan Visual Arts [email protected] 5424
Horn Lauren Dance [email protected] 3597
James  Lance Kamau
 Music [email protected]
Lasso Dina Dance [email protected] 3540
Matthews Nora Theater [email protected]  5420
McDonald Jamie Music [email protected] 5426
McQuillan Jeff Music [email protected] 5426
Pinamang Francis Associate Instructor
[email protected] 5419
Sarfo-Darko Denise Associate Instructor [email protected] 3597
Scalzo Greg Media Arts [email protected] 5422
Scalzo Theresa Music [email protected] 5421
Schwapp Andrew Physical Education [email protected] 5416
Sinay Rachel Visual Arts
[email protected]  
Struzynski Jillian Music [email protected] 5423
Student Services & Support Staff  
Baskerville Quay Student Services [email protected] 1000
Burkell Mary Associate Instructor [email protected] 3167
Canty Carleisha Student Management [email protected] 1000
Catanzaro Jaclyn Social Worker [email protected] 3161
Cook Donald Associate Instructor [email protected] 3172
Coon Matthew Counselor [email protected] 5407
Cruz Janelly Special Education [email protected]  
Dalmer Dalmer Para Educator [email protected] 1000
Dickenman Erica Social Worker [email protected] 3583
Harris Kacie  Associate Instructor [email protected] 1000
Henry Sarah Literacy Interventionist [email protected] 3172
Hildenrand Kerri Associate Instructor [email protected] 1000
Student Management [email protected]
King LaRee ELL Tutor [email protected] 1000
Livsey Cheryl Special Education [email protected]  
Legister  Sarah Special Education [email protected] 2451
Lovell Joe Special Education [email protected] 3561

Preston Jocelyn Special Education [email protected] 3165
Quincy Thomas Special Education [email protected] 1000
Randazzo Vicky Special Education [email protected] 5450
Williams Ashley Student Management [email protected] 3597