Principal's Message


"Good day! I am so excited to be the principal of the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School.  I absolutely love the profession of teaching and have made it my personal mission to try to provide your child with the greatest educational experience possible. I am thrilled to be a part of one of the top educational organizations in the country. I work collaboratively with dedicated group of students, teachers, staff and parents who are committed to bettering education.

Bo Ryan, Principal

In addition to the rigorous academics and a top-notch arts program,, our school is a National Model Professional Learning Community.  Our work at Arts Middle focuses around 3 big ideas:
  1.  A relentless focus by staff to help ensure that all students achieve at high levels.
  2.  Creating a culture of collaboration composed of teams of educators working together to achieve our goals.
  3.  A tireless focus on results -  every decision made in this school will be focused on student results.  

We also use a state-recognized Positive Behavior System to ensure a safe and healthy school climate.  Our learning community is incredibly supportive, warm, and friendly with a culture of high expectations for all students.  The RAFT contract, Respect, Always Lead and Learn, Follow the Rules, and Try Hard, guides the actions of all who enter the school.

At Arts Middle, we have an exemplary group of educators who are passionate about the profession, teaching, and students. It is an incredible place for students to spend their middle school careers!  

Bo Ryan
(860) 724-0685